Meet Our Team

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Chris Moore – Bella Homes, LLC Founder

A number of years ago, Chris decided to go into business for himself as a Building Contractor because he saw that many customer’s needs were either ignored or simply were promised and not delivered upon. He is proud of the fact that traditionally Bella Homes, LLC has grown because of customer referrals. 85% of Bella Homes, LLC new business has been a direct result of satisfied customers referring friends and family.

  “Bella Homes, LLC maintains an emphasis on quality and communication. We always go above and beyond each step of the way to ensure customer’s needs are put first and foremost and then we work flawlessly together to move your project along delivering stunning results.”

Chris knows that the main concern is the cleanliness of a home while it is undergoing renovation. Plastic is put down on the walkway areas and shoe covers are worn by our craftsmen. We will help keep your home as clean as is humanly possible while we are working.


Marie Moore – Real Estate Specialist

If you are wondering what improvements will increase the value of your home in order to sell it or if you are wondering what type of renovation will benefit the flow and the overall life experience of your home, Marie Moore is the person who can help.

With well over a decade in the Real Estate profession, she knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to family interaction spaces, entertainment, and functionality of a home.

Bella Homes, LLC is lucky to have her as a part of their team in order to help their customers when they need it!


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